Crazy Shakes

Strawberry Freak

Creme Crazy shake053
Strawberry milkshake, blended with half a waffle, jug smeared in Nutella covered with pink wafer dust topped with whipped cream, strawberry sauce, wafers & half a waffle.

Cookies N Creme

Creme Crazy shake063
Oreo’s & chocolate chip cookie milkshake topped with whipped creme, chocolate sauce, Oreo pieces & a giant sandwiched Oreo.

Mallow Madness

Creme Crazy shake055
Chocolate brownie & marshmallow milkshake, jug smeared with Nutella topped whipped cream, chocolate brownie, hot chocolate sauce & a giant Marshmallow.

Popping Banoffee

Creme Crazy shake050
Banana & toffee milkshake topped with whipped cream, popping candy, sliced banana covered in toffee sauce.